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Connie Ho Blog, Montreal Canada

The website Connie Ho Blog, Montreal Canada was created in 2009 by Connie Ho. All the articles are written by me. This blog focuses on people, society, culture, trends and styles, where East meets West. My interests lie in aesthetics, decoration, modern styles and urban discoveries. Nowadays, we live in a society of mixed culture, people, and thinking. This website shares my views as a writer. In particular, the emphasis is on the fusion of east and west in a globalizing world.

I have lived in Montreal for many years. Being an Chinese immigrant who grew up in an Asian environment, I notice how people, economy and the world have changed over time. Sociology and Chinese background are definitely my assets. My blog reveals the facts and trends of society. Welcome to my world. I hope that my website provides engaging materials, entertaining topics, new discoveries, and useful information to you. Enjoy your visit here. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Please drop me a line.

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