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North American Stained Glass 什么是艺术玻璃【北美艺术玻璃】 艺术玻璃是彩色玻璃或任何经加工制造的艺术产品。它给人高格调及非同凡向的感觉,外观华丽,赋质感。北美艺术玻璃已成现代社会流行装饰, 许多中国人喜欢装置花巧玻璃, 提高室内设计品味。在美加两国,艺术玻璃

加拿大艺术,当代美术,北美西洋画: 多元文化社会的化身

Canadian Art & Multiculturalism 艺术与社会息息相关 【加拿大与中国之别】 加拿大艺术鲜为人知,这也难怪, 加拿大是个新兴国家, 建国只有百多年。与有五千年悠久历史的中国相比, 北美只是一个天真可爱的小孩童。枫叶国 (枫叶为加拿大国家标志) 没有著名英雄烈士、


Canadian Art Auction 加拿大艺术拍卖, 北美作品, 高价油画 加拿大艺术拍卖创造新高, 画家 Alex Colville 1953年的著名油画作品 Man on Verandah [阳台上的男人],收藏家以高价 120万加元(8,137,000人民币)成功收购。 加拿大著名艺术作品拍卖 [阳台上的男人]

Chinese Watercolor Painting, Traditional Asian Art on the Rise

Chinese water color paintings are touted as one of the four national treasures of China. With the growth of business, economy and the internet, traditional Asian art is becoming visible in North America and elsewhere. Traditional Chinese watercolor painting appears to be

Seal Carving, Chinese Chops, Stamp Engraving: Origin and Use

Seal carving, Chinese chop, or stamp engraving, is recognized as one of the greatest ancient treasures in China. Chinese seal carving is a chop used as a hand signature. You affix this signature to documents. It is a sign of approval or identification. For centuries, Chinese seals have been seen as an icon of power.

Chinese Quotes, Meaningful Sayings, Phrases for Entrepreneur

Chinese quotes are meaningful sayings that speak the truth of life. Chinese quotes are wise and condensed phrases about people and society. Entrepreneur loves inspirational quotes because they touch the soul poignantly. With 5,000 years in civilization,

Business Women In China: Rich On World List But Why?

The wealth concentration of business women and female entrepreneurs in China is a visible phenomenon. This has sparked interest over how rich they are and why they become so rich. In the world list of the richest women, Chinese women outnumber their

Meaningful Tattoos: Chinese Quotes, Inspirational Phrases, Words

Nowadays, tattoos with meaningful quotes or inspirational phrases are very popular. Everyone is looking for a meaningful tattoo for body decoration. What appeals to people the most is the tattoo meaning. Inspirational quotes or clever words are the top choices.