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Best Chinese Calligraphy Artist, Traditional Art in Quebec Canada

As China opens itself to the world, so do its arts and culture, especially Chinese calligraphy. Remember the 2008 Beijing Olympics? The opening ceremony features a spectacular display of calligraphy. This is not a random show.


Calgary Asian Heritage Month 卡尔加里文化, 加拿大亚裔文化节 5月是第五界卡尔加里亚裔文化月 Asian Heritage Month in Calgary,这节日推广加拿大卡尔加里亚裔人对社会, 经济, 和文化生活的贡献。自2001年首次展开这项文化庆祝,每年均有周年活动,吸引广大公众参与及赞赏。

Montreal Art Class, Chinese Painting School, Calligraphy Course

Are you looking for relaxing art classes to join in the weekend? Why not consider traditional Chinese art lesson. The Ngan Siu-Mui Art School of Montreal offers one day cultural workshop to the public.


Immigrant Qualifications in Canada 加拿大技术移民 技术移民能在加拿大找到工作吗? 过去十多年期间, 加拿大接受了2百万移民,大多数是技术移民,即是 持有高资历,教育,技术或技能人士。加拿大政府, 雇主及工业市场十分重视技术移民,特殊技能及工作资历能提高本国


Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary 卡尔加里社区, 多裔文化委員會, 加拿大族裔社会 卡尔加里多裔文化委员会是一个非谋利组织,我们服务四十个不同文化及族裔社群,目标是促进加拿大族裔社会的发展,和谐及合作,本会展开了许多成功的活动,讨论问题包括加拿大移民和难民法案、工作及学历资格认定、

6 Reasons to Hire Freelance Copywriters for Effective Marketing

With the growth of corporate restructuring, workforce reorganization and employee turnover, companies evaluate their hiring needs. Instead of full time staff writers, many are hiring freelance copywriters.

Professional Immigrants, Foreign Qualification & Employment in Canada

Given the skills shortage in the labour market, the Canadian government has opened its door to immigration. Over the past decade, Canada has received over 2 million immigrants. Many of them enter as ‘skilled workers’.

Weird, Wrong, Best Tattoo Meanings, Chinese Translation Mistakes

Today, the meanings of tattoo fascinate everyone. People love Chinese designs because of what they reveal about the individual. They seek online dictionary, free translation, download, or semi-experienced translators for Asian words.