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Chinese Lettering Tattoo, Chinese Letters: Do They Really Exist?

I have heard the term Chinese lettering tattoo many times. My first reaction is puzzle. Does it exist? Other related phrases include Chinese letters or alphabet, and the like.

Chinese Writing Tattoo, Calligraphy, Asian Arts in Montreal

Looking for a custom Chinese tattoo or calligraphy art? Ngan Siu Mui is a top Chinese artist in Montreal Canada. Her writing tattoos, Asian words and script have long won the hearts of aficionados.

Feminine Tattoos: Small Beautiful Writing for Women, Girls

Today, women of different nationalities, backgrounds, and professions are fond of ink. Feminine designs, small tattoo for woman, girl are hot ink trends. Females become increasingly clever in showing their beauty through small writing tattoos. 

Beckham Tattoo, Chinese Calligraphy, Grass Style Tattoos

Chinese calligraphy tattoo, especially grass style, has become the new cool style for today’s trend followers. Everyone is openly showing off their Asian symbols. I noticed that many new wave designs have incorporated that charming calligraphy writing? This is certainly true if you look at celebrity David Beckham’s tattoo.

Connie Ho Explores Montreal Culture & Calgary Growth

Before moving to Canada several years ago, Connie Ho has lived in Hong Kong and England. As an immigrant, the bilingual and bicultural background gives her a unique understanding of life.

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre: Downtown Landmark for Visitors

Today, more and more visitors come to Calgary for business and for pleasure. They look for interesting places to visit. The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre is definitely a great landmark in downtown. With the global demand for fuel,

Ginger Beef: History & Culture of Chinese Immigrants in Canada

Have you tried Chinese food? Is there a dish that you really like, general tao chicken, sweet & sour pork? Being a Chinese I am familiar with Asian cuisine. My favorite is Ginger Beef. It is a signature delicacy in Canadian Chinese cuisine.

David Beckham Chinese Tattoo, Cursive Script Meaning

David Beckham is one of the worlds most well known sport celebrities of our times. His every move is keenly captured by the press. He admits to being a ‘tattoo addict’. That goes without saying that he has numerous ink over his body.