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David Beckham Chinese Tattoo, Cursive Script Meaning

David Beckham is one of the worlds most well known sport celebrities of our times. His every move is keenly captured by the press. He admits to being a ‘tattoo addict’. That goes without saying that he has numerous ink over his body. However, the one that causes quite a stir worldwide is no doubt his Chinese tattoo in cursive style, also known as grass style. This cursive script design has won accolade from all spectra, including the media, his fans, and fashion observers alike. The design has a very wise meaning. It has been the subject of investigation for numerous tabloids.

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Calligraphy Tattoo, David Beckham Cursive Script, Grass Style, Wisdom Quotes, Phrases

David Beckham, Chinese Script Tattoo

Many people have asked me about Chinese tattoos and their meanings. Although they are intrigued by Beckham’s Chinese script, few of them are able to explain why. Well, let me put things in perspective. This will help you understand and appreciate script tattoos. What is most beautiful of Beckham’s Chinese script is the use of calligraphy. The words are done in masterful Chinese symbols.

Calligraphy Tattoo in Cursive Script

In China, calligraphy is the art of handwriting. Through the handling of the brush, control of ink, and hand movements, calligraphy conveys the emotion and personality of the creator. It does so beautifully and miraculously, like a fable. Chinese tattoos in cursive script (grass style) are more sophisticated than ordinary text or script. Many ink designs these days are based on Chinese fonts or symbol font. Unfortunately, these look artificial. By reverse, calligraphy designs are done by artists or writing experts. This renders a natural and attractive look.

Beckham Chinese Script, Tattoo Meaning

Beckham’s Chinese script tattoo has a great meaning, “Life and death have pre-determined appointments; riches and honor are from heaven”. The beauty of script is that it expresses a lot about the individual. Writing differs from painting or drawing designs because it communicates your thought clearly. Script design is indeed language art. Today, many ink lovers choose Asian tattoos based on Chinese proverbs, Buddhist sayings, inspirational quotes, famous phrases or wise expressions.

Beckham Tattoo – Cursive Script Style

Beckham’s Chinese tattoo is based on one of the most beautiful yet abstract style – cursive script. Chinese text falls into five distinct styles (script): seal script, running script, clerical script, regular script, cursive script. Cursive script (grass style) is considered to be the most liberated, modern, and stylistic writing. In old China, the cursive style was developed as a cursory way to write the popular and not yet mature clerical script. It is faster to write than other writing styles. This is because it simplifies the words by omitting some strokes. Chinese cursive tattoos really suit people with a distinct personality, especially those who are independent, free or even wild at heart. The untamed look of cursive style is quickly winning the hearts of ink lovers.

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