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Meaningful Tattoos: Chinese Quotes, Inspirational Phrases, Words

Nowadays, tattoos with meaningful quotes or inspirational phrases are very popular. Everyone is looking for a meaningful tattoo for body decoration. What appeals to people the most is the tattoo meaning. Inspirational quotes or clever words are the top choices.

Weird, Wrong, Best Tattoo Meanings, Chinese Translation Mistakes

Today, the meanings of tattoo fascinate everyone. People love Chinese designs because of what they reveal about the individual. They seek online dictionary, free translation, download, or semi-experienced translators for Asian words.

Chinese Lettering Tattoo, Chinese Letters: Do They Really Exist?

I have heard the term Chinese lettering tattoo many times. My first reaction is puzzle. Does it exist? Other related phrases include Chinese letters or alphabet, and the like.

Feminine Tattoos: Small Beautiful Writing for Women, Girls

Today, women of different nationalities, backgrounds, and professions are fond of ink. Feminine designs, small tattoo for woman, girl are hot ink trends. Females become increasingly clever in showing their beauty through small writing tattoos. 

Text Tattoo: Design Tips for Chinese Calligraphy, Asian Writing

One of the fastest growing trends is text tattoo. There are different kinds of text for ink designs, e.g. Asian writing, fancy calligraphy, and Chinese script. Even celebrities have eagerly embraced Asian text tattoos.

Classic Art Tattoo: Meaningful Asian Symbols, Chinese Words

Nowadays, the wave for classic art tattoo and meaningful designs is spreading. Asian symbols have been introduced to our daily lives in several ways. This includes fashion, interior design, product marketing, and body decoration. These traditional symbols have a enigmatic appeal to the public. In particular, Chinese