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Best Chinese Calligraphy Artist, Traditional Art in Quebec Canada

As China opens itself to the world, so do its arts and culture, especially Chinese calligraphy. Remember the 2008 Beijing Olympics? The opening ceremony features a spectacular display of calligraphy. This is not a random show.

Chinese Calligraphy Art, Artist Ngan Siu Mui

China Promotes Traditional Art – Chinese Calligraphy

As the key player in the world economies and politics, China is enthusiastic to define itself through its jewels – traditional art. In recent years, leading authorities actively promote Chinese calligraphy both internally and externally. For China, the challenge is how to increase the recognition of traditional art. They are eager to shape, lead and observe the modernizing of Chinese culture.

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Chinese Calligraphy Artist, Asian Art in Canada

People in Canada are fascinated by the beauty of traditional Asian art, especially Chinese calligraphy. This is certainly true in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Ngan Siu Mui is an internationally renowned artist who has mastered the four traditional Chinese treasures: calligraphy, painting, seal carving (stamp engraving) and classic literature. Ngan is named the best Chinese artist in Quebec. She has received several honors, including the Quebec Citizenship Award for the Promotion of Culture. Her works have been collected by the Civilization Museum of Canada, universities, and several international organizations.

Best Chinese Calligraphy in Quebec

Through the effort of artist Ngan Siu Mui, Chinese calligraphy has received increasing visibility in Quebec. Over the years, she has organized several high profile Asian art events in the province. These include the Confucius Festival 1988 and 1990; International Calligraphy Union Exhibition 1998; Month of Chinese Calligraphy in Montreal 1998, 2000, and 2002. These events attracted notable media attention and public curiosity.

Chinese Calligraphy Classes, Workshops in Montreal

Aside from public events, artist Ngan Siu Mui actively promotes Chinese heritage through other venues. She has organized calligraphy workshops and exhibitions throughout Montreal. These include the Montreal McCord Museum, Quebec Arts Council, Montreal Culture Day, and local City Halls. At the Ngan Siu Mui Art School, the artist offers many classes. These include Chinese brush painting, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese character writing. Her followers are many and varied. Many come from diverse cultural backgrounds yet sharing the same passion as Ngan. Her students enjoy the serenity and personal enlightenment acquired through the practice of Chinese arts.

Chinese Artist Shapes Modern Calligraphy

Artist Ngan Siu Mui leads the way in shaping Chinese culture abroad. Her “calligraphy art” is a testimony of the modernizing of traditional culture. Her new techniques, styles and philosophy in Chinese aesthetics have earned her international recognition. Ngan frequently speaks at major conferences in China, Taiwan and Korea. She works as cultural advisor.

With the growing exchanges between Canada and China, the interest in Chinese calligraphy is poised to increase. Ngan’s calligraphy art is the fusion of East and West. Her dynamic Chinese brush movements and aesthetic Chinese symbols come alive in new media. The artist invites you to experience her art voyage. Visit her websites.

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