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Chinese Writing Tattoo, Calligraphy, Asian Arts in Montreal

Looking for a custom Chinese tattoo or calligraphy art? Ngan Siu Mui is a top Chinese artist in Montreal Canada. Her writing tattoos, Asian words and script have long won the hearts of aficionados.

Chinese script tattoo writing style

Chinese Writing Tattoo, Asian Calligraphy Art in Montreal, Canada

Chinese tattoos are extremely popular in Montreal, Canada and the rest of the world. Many people including celebrities have faithfully etched their skin in Chinese characters (words). Individuals like to express their individuality through Asian tattoos. These include dragons, zodiacs, names, Chinese symbols and writing. For over 20 years, Ngan Siu Mui has been teaching Chinese art, calligraphy, symbol writing, and painting in her Art School. Over the years, she has provided tattoo designs for clients everywhere. They asked her for Chinese styles, Asian designs or calligraphy script. Moreover, they ask her for tattoo translation and meanings.

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chinese calligraphy art tattoo

Asian Calligraphy, Chinese Art Tattoos: Fusion of East and West

Ngan Siu Mui an experienced Chinese artist in Montreal. If you are looking for a custom design Asian ink (Chinese writing, Chinese words, script, calligraphy, Chinese quotes, proverbs, small symbols), she is very happy to help you. Her Chinese tattoo art is the perfect fusion of east and west. The tattoo meaning is special and meaningful to you. You will be proud of it for the rest of your life.

Asian Tattoo Designs, Chinese Writing by Montreal Artist

The best Asian ink in Montreal starting at $30. Contact Chinese artist and tattoo designer Ngan Siu-Mui.

  • Get your dream tattoo now.
  • Chinese tattoo designs by Ngan Siu Mui are one of a kind. You won’t find them elsewhere.
  • People are are thrilled by her ink styles.
  • Contact Ngan to find out more.

Chinese Calligraphy in Best International Movie – The Red Violin

As a well known Montreal Chinese artist, Ngan Siu Mui has been invited for commission work in international projects. In 1997 she created a Chinese Calligraphy for the internationally acclaimed movie The Red Violin (French: Le Violon rouge, German: Die Rote Violine, Italian: Il Violino Rosso, Chinese: 紅提琴). This is a Canadian drama film. It spans three centuries and five countries to tell the story of a violin and its many owners. The film was an international co-production between companies in Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom. It received an Academy Award for the Best Original Score, 8 Genie Awards, 9 Jutra Awards, a Golden Reel Award, and a Best Artistic Contribution Award from the Tokyo International Film Festival. The cast included Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Flemyng, Sylvia Chang. Ngan Siu Mui’s calligraphy with the Chinese words “The Red Violin” was prominently displayed in the movie trailer and in many scenes of the Montreal Auction house.


Red Violin with Chinese Calligraphy 紅提琴



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