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Circle Tattoos: Wheel, Round Designs, Circular Tattoo Ideas

Circle tattoo is gaining attention these days. This includes wheel, round or any circular designs. Although circle tattoo is not a major ink trend, people are searching for ideas on style solutions.

Why Circles Tattoos? Eastern & Western Traditions

Do you know the cultural significance of circular tattoo? In eastern traditions, circles symbolize life, harmony and unity. In China, you see circular dining tables because round symbolizes unity. In other words, people and family are coming together. And everyone has the same right or equal role to take part. In western traditions, circles are synonymous with peace, modesty and nature. Sometimes, wheel designs are used to represent fertility, spirituality or circle of life. In sum, circle has positive and harmonious meanings. When we call someone “well round-ed”, it means the person is “comprehensively developed and well-balanced in a variety of aspects”. No wonder wheel tattoos or circular designs are becoming popular. I have these design ideas for your circle tattoos.

  1. Calligraphy Circle Tattoo – Flying White

    Calligraphy circle tattoos are wonderful for people who seek a zen design. The round design consists of natural brush strokes done by a calligraphy artist. In particular, you should ask for the “Flying white”. Flying white is a calligraphy style in which the brush strokes are original and spontaneous. You can see that this round tattoo has jagged edges, unsmooth ends or broken tips. This shows natural beauty and spontaneity. The circular design is not modified nor re-touched to give an artificial look.

    Calligraphy Circle Tattoo – Flying White style photo by denkbert

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  3. Celtic Circle Tattoo – Round Dragon

    Celtic circle tattoos have charmed a select of followers. Celtic symbols and motifs have an unmistakable allure. Try a circular design with a legendary animal such as dragon or snake. Alternately, try some medieval emblems like celtic knots, celtic cross, wheel, claddagh heart, etc. The result is totally stunning.

    Celtic Circle Tattoo – Round Dragon in Medieval Design

  4. Tribal Circle Tattoo – Circular Design

    Tribal tattoos have dominated the skin art trend for a long time. This is why tribal circle designs are also popular. You can choose your favorite animal (e.g. dragon, mouse), and get a stylized ink design of that animal. Unleash the tribal spirit in you!

    Tribal Circle Tattoo – Stylized Circular Design with Animals

  5. Full Circle Tattoo – Asian Wheel

    Some people love full circle tattoos, meaning those designs with a solid, complex or intricate background. If this describes you, try the Asian mystical wheel tattoo. This should include elements such as the Chinese zodiac animals, yin yang circular shape, hazy mist, etc. People who love mysticism will not be disappointed with this.

    Full Circle Tattoo – Asian Mystical Wheel with Chinese Zodiac, Yin Yang

  6. Buddhist Wheel Tattoo – Healing Hands in Circular Design

    Buddhist wheel tattoos are ideal for people who have respect for religion or spirituality. You don’t need to be a follower to bear these unique circular designs. Tattoo ideas have flourished and any secular person can get as spiritual a tattoo as he / she wants. This wheel tattoo consists of healing hands. This conveys sympathy, generosity and love for mankind.

    Buddhist Wheel Tattoo – Healing Hands in Circular Design

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  8. Harmony Circle Tattoo – Circular Design with Tree

    As I have said, harmony is an essential characteristic of any circle tattoos. Whether it is Eastern or Western traditions, round designs convey the feeling of peace and serenity of the mind. A circular tattoo with tree, plant, flower or wild life can reflect your love for nature and the environment.

    Harmony Circle Tattoo – Circular Design with Tree

  9. Harmony Circle Tattoo – Solidarity Circular Design

    Another kind of harmony circle tattoo is one that emphasizes solidarity. We all live a social life. No one can live in isolation. You may be a quiet person and don’t talk much. Fine no problem. However, you do interact with others on a daily basis. Therefore, solidarity is important. If you value cooperation and group dynamics, get a solidarity circular design for your tattoo. “A hand in hand” ink signifies group harmony.

    Harmony Circle Tattoo – Solidarity Circular Design, Symbol of Cooperation

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  11. Yin Yang Circle Tattoo – Round Design with Star

    Yin yang circle tattoos have been in vogue for a while. The duality of two opposing yet complimentary forces makes it an exceptional ink idea. To enhance this round design, you can add a decorative background such as a giant star. This will become more yin and yang than you think.

    Yin Yang Circle Tattoo – Round Design with Giant Star

  12. Dharma Wheel Tattoo – Circle of Life with Sanskrit

    As Dharma teaching and other Eastern philosophy is making way into the West, so are Dharma wheel tattoos. These circular designs usually contain Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh symbols (lotus, deity, ancient text). In particular, the circle of life is a prominent feature, so is the sacred writing like Sanskrit.

    Dharma Wheel Tattoo – Circle of Life with Sanskrit, Lotus Symbol

  13. Chinese Circle Tattoo – Dragon, Tiger with Symbols

    Chinese tattoos are commonly seen in many places around the world. To spice up an ordinary design, try the Chinese circle tattoos with some culturally relevant themes like tiger, dragon, etc. Place your animal in a circular design. Add Chinese symbols or a wise saying around it. This combination will add variety and style to your ink.

    Chinese Circle Tattoo – Dragon, Tiger , 4 Chinese Symbols

  14. Fraternity Circle Tattoo – Round Design for Remembrance

    Some people have ink for remembrance purpose. With the loss of family members or colleagues, one can try a fraternity circle tattoo. Add any significant element to your circular design, e.g. a short meaningful phrase, name of the lost life, etc. This will give you a life long memory of those who you respect and remember. Their cause will not be forgotten despite their passing.

    Fraternity Circle Tattoo – Round Design for Cherished Memory, Loved Ones

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