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Classic Art Tattoo: Meaningful Asian Symbols, Chinese Words

Nowadays, the wave for classic art tattoo and meaningful designs is spreading. Asian symbols have been introduced to our daily lives in several ways. This includes fashion, interior design, product marketing, and body decoration. These traditional symbols have a enigmatic appeal to the public. In particular, Chinesewords have endeared many enthusiasts in the west. They have graced the skin of people around the world, including celebrities.

Classic Art Tattoos – Celebrity with Meaningful Asian Symbols

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Sexy Hollywood stars are in love with classic art tattoos. They boldly show their Asian symbols with great meanings. Very often, I notice that the Chinese symbol ‘strength’ is especially popular among celebrities. It is indeed a meaningful word. For instance, Megan Fox, Julia Roberts, and Cher have this symbol inked on their bodies. Britney Spears has word ‘mystery’. Justin Timberlake displays his love for music with the tattoo word ‘song’. It appears that our love for Asian words has no boundary. Well, it is easy to understand. A few Chinese symbols can convey deep meanings. They are powerful reminder of your uniqueness. Sometimes, words are more meaningful than pictures. This is certainly true for classic art tattoos.

Classic Art Tattoo – Meaningful Chinese Words

Many people have etched their skin in Chinese words done in masterful styles. They choose meaningful phrases or motto from Chinese literature. Classic art tattoo is marked by elegance and simple lines. The ingenuity and intensity of the brush strokes give these Asian words a timeless look. They are ideal for any part of your body, e.g. neck, back, arm, chest, or ankle tattoos. You can also add a picture design like dragon, zodiac, animal, or koi fish alongside your Asian word.

Classic Art Tattoo – Asian Words in Different Writing Styles

Many trend followers choose to express their individuality through classic art tattoos. Some tattoo ideas include your name, idioms, saying, or phrase. Many are intriguing and meaningful. They can be the symbolic representations of thought, emotion and your true self. Did you know there are five writing styles (or script) for Asian words? They are Seal script, Running script, Clerical script, Regular script,and Cursive script. Classic art tattoo is very unique. It has no cultural boundary. Go with the designs that speak your mind or your spirit.

Classic Art Tattoos – No Font

Do you know that classic art tattoo never uses font? This is because font is generated by computer. They are meant for computer use. Mechanical operation requires that input has exact layout, measurement and size. Fonts duly serve these purposes. Many ink designs these days are but fonts? People choose fonts because they look neat. In fact, what they don’t realize is that this ‘neatness’ comes at the expense of beauty. Asian words that are based on fonts are nothing but artificial reprints. Why have computer output on your skin? Your body deserves more than mediocre renderings. Elegant classic tattoos highlight your individuality. Avoid Asian symbol based on font. Ask a writing expert to create meaningful symbols for you. Art tattoos are done by hand, not by computer. This is why it has a timeless appeal.

Classic Art Tattoos – Writing Expert

If you are seeking a classic art tattoo, you should seek help from a writing expert or calligraphy artist. Experts create stunning Asian designs. Their works are marked by proper composition and elegance. Each symbol shows grace, not linearity or triteness like font. Moreover, the words are coherent and fluid in spatial arrangement. Asian symbols are a fine art. They are meaningful and timeless. The symbols carry mystery and understated charm. Classic tattoos are artistic expressions so no two symbols are identical. Each one is created differently and is unique. It radiates sophistication and glamour. Don’t we want that on our bodies? We like body art, not body font.

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