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Connie Ho Explores Montreal Culture & Calgary Growth

Before moving to Canada several years ago, Connie Ho has lived in Hong Kong and England. As an immigrant, the bilingual and bicultural background gives her a unique understanding of life. Here in Canada, I have lived in different cities including Toronto and Calgary. Now my home is beautiful Montreal. It has a good mix of cosmopolitan zeal and treasured heritage. It inspires my mind, and entrepreneurship.

montreal city and culture

Montreal Arts, Culture, Lifestyle

Montreal is an exciting city for discovering the arts, entertainment, culture and urban comforts. Whether it is innovative products, artistic displays, lifestyle or outlandish cuisines, Quebecers are ready to embrace all without thinking. Connie Ho has a sharp sense for Culture and Arts. I keenly observe the hottest gift ideas, tattoo designs and other fascinating things in the city.

The Latino spirit and French culture are inspiring. I attend exhibitions, cultural events and trade shows. My blogs will show you the best in urban lifestyle, artsy fartsy things, beauty, and more. As my driving improves, my fear of the highways diminishes. Decarie Boulevard, Montreal’s fastest highway, does not seem intimidating any more. Instead, I muse about museum hopping in down town Montreal, jazz music, and the Quebec style ‘cafe au lait’.

Montreal Meetups, Business Networking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here in Montreal Connie Ho has joined many business networking groups. Montreal Meetups offer many networking opportunities for business professionals. Let us share stories of success, challenges, and best practices. I love to learn online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and internet strategies. Why not get out of the house and network with people. Entrepreneurs love to be inspired by innovation, ideas and action. I guess we all do, isn’t that right?

calgary city boom

Calgary Oil Boom, Alberta Growth

With the oil boom, Calgary emerges as a mecca for investors, jobs and business. With the optimism on energy stocks, real estate, and international commerce, Alberta has become the epicentre of growth for Canada. Under the economic frenzy and “Albertanism”, I maintained a low-key lifestyle. My favorites included simple things like country music, ginger beef (Alberta’s best Chinese delicacy) and social dance. In my spare time, I volunteered in community agencies helping immigrants. My belief is lifelong learning, social inclusion and multiculturalism. The hardest thing to cope was the speed on Deerfoot Trail, Calgary’s fastest highway. I always wondered if I would get off alive. Thanks God, Connie Ho always did! Living in oil rich Calgary gave me the first hand experience of a prairie metropolis. The stereotype of the ‘wild west’ is simply untenable. The cow boy spirit prevails under the panoply of urbanism. Alberta’s phenomenal success created a civic pride in its people.

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