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Feminine Tattoos: Small Beautiful Writing for Women, Girls

Today, women of different nationalities, backgrounds, and professions are fond of ink. Feminine designs, small tattoo for woman, girl are hot ink trends. Females become increasingly clever in showing their beauty through small writing tattoos. 

Feminine Tattoos, Small Writing Designs for Girl Women

Feminine Tattoos, Professional Woman, Ideas for Beautiful Writing

Professional women prefer tattoo styles that are feminine and beautiful. Instead of having bold designs like big drawing or bright colors, they go with small designs to match their personality. Calligraphy writing appears to be an ideal choice for females. Chinese calligraphy offers a stunning visual. It has a seductive Venus look. Ladies, you can easily charm the casual passerby, or someone at a party. Ideas for feminine tattoos include name translation, meaningful expressions, Chinese proverbs, celebrity sayings or phrase.

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Calligraphy Art Tattoo, Asian Words, Cursive Script, Grass Style

Feminine Tattoo, Cute Girls, Ideas for Small Writing

Compared to men, women are generally smaller. Also, they tend to have delicate physiques. Because of that, feminine, small tattoos found many keen supporters. Popular ink ideas for girls include butterfly, star, flower, cute animals, fairy, heart, etc. However, why not try to embellish your existing designs with a small Asian writing, e.g. cursive script calligraphy, or Chinese zodiac. These exotic girly designs can turn you into an beautiful diva.

Feminine Tattoo, Attractive Body Parts for Women and Girl

Women generally prefers a soft yet bautiful look. Hence, you should seriously consider where to place your tattoos, meaning placement. To accentuate your femininity, it is a good idea to place your ink in the ‘power areas’. These include the chest, neck, arm or other areas that highlight your feminine figure. For example, choose your favorite calligraphy writing and put it on your chest. Girls, you will instantly become the Goddess of envy! Your calligraphy or script writing is special. These glamorous woman tattoos will elevate you above the crowd. You can compliment the small Chinese writing with other favorite designs like flowers, shooting stars, fairies, lovely animals, etc.

Feminine Tattoo Placement: Great Ideas for Females

  1. Lower back: lower back is a very popular spot. First, it’s a very feminine and sexy spot to have an ink. It doesn’t usually show, but can be seen when a woman bends her body. Getting a glance of a lower back ink on a woman is just full of allure. Don’t you agree?
  2. The wrist: this is great area for inking, it can easily be covered up by wearing something, delicate and feminine.
  3. The ankle: the ankles are a very feminine spot. Also you can easy to cover up by wearing shoes or boots. Ankle tattoos are nice and cute. It really enhances you feminine foot especially when wearing high heels.
  4. The feet: foot tattoos are getting more and more attention these days. The styles are as varied as you can imagine. You can mix Chinese words with flowers or other designs.

Ladies, tattoos are long term body decoration, you should do all the necessary research to get the best ink. Do not go with FREE or automatic downloads. These designs are are mediocre at best.

Feminine Art Designs, Small Chinese Writing Video

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