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Meaningful Tattoos: Chinese Quotes, Inspirational Phrases, Words

Nowadays, tattoos with meaningful quotes or inspirational phrases are very popular. Everyone is looking for a meaningful tattoo for body decoration. What appeals to people the most is the tattoo meaning. Inspirational quotes or clever words are the top choices. Although free online Chinese translation can give you fast and seemingly easy help, the result is not anything meaningful. Instead, some people get the wrong meanings or mis-translation. If you decide to have a design with a Chinese quote, the best thing is to hire an expert to help you.

meaningful tattoo quote

Visit this great website:

Meaningful Tattoos: Chinese Quotes, Asian words, Inspirational Phrases, Cursive Writing

Meaningful Tattoo: Thoughtful Quotes, Memorable Phrases

People have a crush on meaningful tattoo. Here are some suggestions for you to consider.

  1. Ancient sayings
  2. Motivational proverbs from Confucius
  3. Religious quotes from Taoism, Buddhism
  4. Philosophical phrases
  5. Cultural expressions

Meaningful Tattoo Quote – “Family first”

meaningful tattoo asian writing
Meaningful Tattoo Word – “Flexibility” for Chinese Zodiac Rooster
meaningful tattoo feminine women
Inspirational Tattoo Quote – “Life and death are pre-determined. Riches are made in heaven” for David Beckham
david beckham tattoo quote meaning

Chinese experts have great tattoo ideas. They can help you select a memorable phrase that speaks your mind. You can have an expression of eternal truth……..and many more. Express yourself with thoughtful sayings. A meaningful tattoo can be sexy, cool, mysterious, inspirational, motivational, uplifting, soothing, or enchanting. You have unlimited choices. Make sure you hire a qualified translator though.

Meaningful Tattoo: Quotes with Right Words, Right Meaning

Chinese is an unforgiving language in which one must follow the syntax to obtain the meaning. Otherwise, your tattoo quote or phrase would lose its originality. For example, A single word such as “life”, “passion” must be represented by two Chinese symbols. People find this absurd. To them, one word equals one symbol. Those who use automatic translation or online language tools often make the error of missing the key symbols. To get a meaningful quote tattoo, your favorite word must be translated into the right symbols. Let the Chinese expert help you. Don’t guess. Your ink will be with you for the rest of your life!

meaningful tattoo script back

Chinese Expert, Quotes Tattoos, Translation

A Chinese expert can help you get the best tattoo quotes. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Give your favorite words or saying to the expert. Ask her to translate it to Chinese.
  2. Ask the expert to suggest a Chinese phrase, expressions, idioms, or any equivalent to match you tattoo meaning.

meaningful tattoo dragon words

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