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Montreal Art Class, Chinese Painting School, Calligraphy Course

Are you looking for relaxing art classes to join in the weekend? Why not consider traditional Chinese art lesson. The Ngan Siu-Mui Art School of Montreal offers one day cultural workshop to the public.

Ngan Siu Mui Art School of Montreal, Various Chinese Arts

The art school provides a peaceful, friendly environment for learning. The courses are ideal for everyone to experience Chinese culture. Participants love the class because it gives them enjoyment and interaction. You don’t need any art background at all. All you need is curiosity and an open mind. Enjoy a day of great cultural activity. It is truly a cultural adventure.

Is work stressing you out?
Interested in an art course for leisure?
Looking for Asian art workshops in Montreal?
Searching for weekend lessons or cultural activities?

Wait no more, join our Art Classes in the West Island.

Montreal Art Classes, Watercolor Painting School

Our lessons include:

  1. Chinese calligraphy courses
  2. Chinese water color painting classes
  3. Seal carving (stone engraving, name stamp) workshops

Traditional Chinese art classes, watercolor painting workshops for beginners. Everyone is welcome.

1) Chinese Calligraphy Classes

Learn the five marvelous writing styles using traditional Chinese artist tools, e.g. soft hair brushes, natural ink stone.

2) Chinese Painting Class

Try a unique art lesson by using traditional Chinese color pigments. Many people are fascinated by Chinese bird painting. The delicate shape and appearance is very charming. Learn how to draw a Chinese bird through step by step personalized workshops.

3) Chinese Seal Carving Class

chinese seal carving, stone engraving
Have you ever tried stone carving? This is a great opportunity. Learn how to carve your name on soft stone. Moreover, you will learn to compose Chinese characters on the seal.

Montreal Art Classes – Fun, Relaxation

Our art classes provide relaxation, fun, and great learning for hobby. Meet people and discover your artistic talent. The art lessons or one day workshops are taught by top Chinese artist Ngan Siu Mui. She has over 30 years of experience in traditional Chinese arts and international recognition. Her artworks have been collected by universities and museums.

Art Classes – Details

  • When: Weekend, whole day
  • Where: Montreal Ngan Siu Mui Art School, 224 Stream Avenue, Dorval, Quebec, H9S 2P1
  • Chinese calligraphy class $72
  • Chinese painting class $82
  • Chinese seal carving class $114
  • Contact: 514-633-1155

Montreal Art Classes, Lesson for Beginners, Amateurs

Each Chinese art workshop is independently run. It presents an special topic. The class is great for beginners, amateurs, artists and hobby seekers. We have art classes throughout the year. Anyone with no art background can join. Enrol now. Our class size is 8. It fills up very quickly.

École d’Art Montréal, Cours de Peinture, Ateliers d’Art

Nous offrons:

  1. Cours de peinture chinoise
  2. Cours de la calligraphie chinoise
  3. Cours de sculpture sur pierre

Ateliers, cours des arts chinois traditionnels pour débutants. Bienvenue à tous.

Montreal Chinese Calligraphy by Artist Ngan Siu Mui, Civilization Museum, Canada

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