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Tattoo Phrases: Asian Wisdom, Buddhist Proverbs, Christian Quotes

Tattoo phrases are catching on quickly like a whirlwind. Today, many tattoo lovers look for inspirational quotes, wise phrases, cultural proverbs, or ancient scriptures. In particular, they like wise phrases from around the world. In my opinion, the best tattoo ideas come from Asian wisdom, Christian and Buddhist quotes.

Tattoo Phrases – Asian Wisdom, Chinese Writing

Chinese phrase tattoo has grown significantly in recent years. As China opens itself up, people are becoming interested in Chinese products and culture. Already 5,000 years in civilization, Chinese phrases are wise, meaningful yet subtle. Ancient wisdom reveal truth, knowledge, life, courage, and despair. They cleverly explain why things go the way they do. Chinese quotes are consoling and calming.

Tattoo Phrases – Asian Wisdom, Chinese

Chinese Calligraphy Art, Writing Tattoo, Quotes, Phrase Tattoos: Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo, Tattoo Quotes, Sensuous Writing Designs by Montreal Artist Ngan Siu-Mui, Canada

If you are tempted to get a Chinese phrase tattoo, look for Chinese quotes / proverbs. There are tonnes of choices on the internet. Also look for Chinese philosophers like Confucius, Lao Tze for inspiration. Choose tattoo phrases in Chinese writing to cherish your joyful events in life, heal emotional wound, remember tragic loss, or overcome addiction or relationship despair. Chinese quotes inspire zen feelings and invigorates your spirit.

Tattoo Phrases – Chinese Quotes

  • Deliberate inaction is better than blind action
  • Knowing the world without leaving one’s own home
  • Build your character through training and discipline

Phrases Tattoo in Hebrew

Tattoo Phrases – Occidental Wisdom, Greek Quotes

Many phrase tattoos have Hellenistic influences. Greek wisdom is the foundation of western civilization. I am sure you know that. Some argue that wisdom as we understand it is but Greek creation. If you are interested in tattoos with classic proverb, look for Aristotle / Socrates / Plato phrases / quotes. However, these philosophers focus on issues that are hard to understand, e.g. ethics, metaphysics. Their phrases are long and may not suitable for tattooing. To get around this, you should look for proverbs that are wise, short yet simple. Choose something that tells your life, experience or hardship.

Tattoo Phrases – Greek Quotes

  • Change in all things is sweet
  • Beware the barrenness of a busy life
  • Be as you wish to seem

Tattoo Phrase – Romantic Phrase

Phrase Tattoo – Hope,

Tattoo Phrases – Asian Wisdom, Indian Quotes

Some tattoo lovers like Asian phrases. Indian sayings are definitely a great choice. Why not try some inspirational quotes from India. Indian wisdom is characterized by Dharma – attainment of emancipation. I think this idea of emancipation makes so much sense. Indian philosophers aren’t as well as their western counterparts. So if you are interested in wise phrase tattoos, look for indian sayings, indian proverbs, Ghandi quotes / phrases. Breakup, death, or financial setbacks can be devastating for anyone. Keep your composure and be strong with wise Asian phrases.

Tattoo Phrases – Indian Quotes

  • Action expresses priorities
  • Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit
  • Citizenship consists in the service of the country

Tattoo Phrase in Tibetan

Phrase Tattoos – Bible, Christian Quotes

Christian phrases remain a popular tattoo choice for many people. The Bible is without any doubt, one of the most authoritative books in the history of mankind. It has sold more copies than all other books. Christianity and Christian beliefs have shaped Western societies and spiritual life. Well, if you are a Christian, you should definitely consider Christian phrase tattoos. This will show your belief, pride and individuality.

Look for biblical phrases, bible quotes / Christian quotes. The 10 commandments, e.g. “Thou shall not kill” may sound somewhat uninteresting or old fashioned for tattoo designs. Think of something inspirational, down to earth yet meaningful. There are many wise phrases relating to life, encouragement, forgiveness, faith, endurance, and failure.

Tattoo Phrases – Christian Quotes

  • Absent in body, but present in spirit
  • There is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear
  • We walk by faith, not by sight

Tattoo Phrases – Bible, Christian Quotes

Tattoo Phrases – Buddhist Quotes

Buddhist beliefs are powerful, penetrating, and mystical. The same is true for Buddhist phrase tattoos. The principal values of Buddha include generosity, forgiveness, compassion, and liberation of the body and the mind. Do you know that even some Hollywood celebrities are loyal Buddhists. They include Tina Turner, Richard Gere and Steven Seagal. Buddhist phrases are wise, compassionate and forgiving. In fact, Buddhist phrase tattoos can speak enormous about you and your inner self. Choose something that expresses your personality.
Look for Buddhist quotes. There are tonnes of wise Asian phrases for you. Everyone can appreciate Buddhism and Asian wisdom.

Tattoo Phrases – Buddhist Wisdom, Wise Quotes

  • He is able who thinks he is able
  • Death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely
  • Every human being is the author of his own health or disease

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Tattoo Phrases – More Ideas For You

People have asked me questions on phrase tattoos, e.g. what phrases to have, where to get them, how to get tattoos in other languages….etc. As I dig into this topic more, I have discovered these useful tips.

  1. What Language To Choose For Tattoo Phrase?
    The majority of phrases tattoos is in English. True, English is an international language so it is natural to see why English quotes are so popular. Your expression can be easily understood by others. However, there is no reason why you should limit your choice. In today’s trendy world we all love diversity, rarity and novelty. Don’t we? It is fun to have your phrases tattoos in another language. Consider these exciting possibilities:

    • Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Thai.
    • Occidental language: Latin, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Greek.
    • Languages of ancient civilization: Hebrew, Hindi, Yiddish, Arabic.
    • Indigenous languages of Australia
    • Aboriginal language of America or Canada
  2. What Type Of Quote To Choose For Tattoo Phrase?
    The common concern for tattoo lovers is to find the right phrase for themselves. Many people ask the eternal question “Can you please find me a suitable phrase for tattoo?” I answer is “you need to do some work yourself first”. After all, it is your ink, your expression, no one understand this better than yourself. I have two suggestions that can help.

    • Culture / countries: focus on quotes from different cultures around the world, just like what I have done here, e.g. Indian, Chinese, Greek, Buddhist quotes or phrases.
    • Purpose / desire: look for quotes classified under different categories, e.g. faith, action, wisdom, forgiveness, anger, friendship, funny, love, nature, time, etc.

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